March 2014


  • 31.mar the 3.abr.2014 | Montpellier, France

Alg'n Chem 2014: Which future for algae in industry ?

This international conference aims to promote the appreciation of algae (macro and micro). During this event the presentation of products, chemical and biological processes, and equipment associated with processing algae occur. This is a unique opportunity for world leaders in this area, as well as for chemists and biologists, to exchange ideas, identify new developments and opportunities. More information here.


  • 28.mar.2014 | 09h30-17h00 | Naval Academy

Naval Engineering seminar entitled "Assessing the present and plan for the future"

Organized by the Naval School, in collaboration with the Directorate of Ships and the Naval Research Center, this initiative intends to provide an opportunity to debate the current situation of marine engineering in Portugal, in relation to new methods and new technologies, education, R&D, project management and prospects for the future. The seminar is intended for higher education students, teachers and professionals. More information here. Program here.


  • 28.mar.2014 | 09h00 - 17h00 | Forte de S. João Batista da Foz, Porto

Session Presentation of Results and the International Book of OTEO Project

Under the OTEO - Technological Observatory for the Offshore Energies Project, INEGI, WavEC and ENERGYIN invite all the stakeholders to this Results Presentation meeting. . The findings and results of the Project, which involved the participation of key players linked to the Portuguese offshore renewable sector with the collaboration of more than sixty entities, will be presented. More information here.


  • 27.mar.2014 | 09h30- 17h00 | Centre for Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation of Matosinhos

EXHIBITION: Journey to Deep Sea

This exhibition, organized by CMIA of Matosinhos, aims to publicize these inhospitable habitats, holders of a unique biodiversity and very well adapted to the characteristics of habitat. Visitors can explore the various oasis of biodiversity in the deep sea, since the cannons and seamounts and hydrothermal vents to observe some creatures that live in them (PROGRAM, PT only).


  • 27.mar.2014 | APPLICATIONS

Entrepreneurs 2014 Award

The EVERIS Foundation is promoting the XIII International Edition of their Entrepreneur’s Premiums. This year, once again, the main goal is to encourage innovation and research, supporting entrepreneurship, giving an overall prize of € 100,000. More information here.


  • 23.mar.2014 | APPLICATIONS

iUP25k - Business Ideas Competition, University of Porto

Organized by the University of Porto (UP), by its Office of Technology Transfer and Knowledge (UPIN -UP Innovation) and its Entrepreneurship Club (CEDUP), this contest is a tool to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and creation of new businesses, which are based on processes of exploitation of knowledge and innovation. More information here.


  • 22.mar.2014 | 14h00- 16h00 | Arda Beach, Viana do Castelo

Beach Clean UP

In addition to combining the celebration of World Water Day (which occurs exactly on 22 March), this initiative of cleaning the beach joins the official dates of the "Beach Clean UP" at the World level (March 20th till 24th). This project aims to promote environmental education and cleanliness in the most populous places such as beaches, rivers, lakes and lagoons. Flyer.


  • 21e22.mar.2014 | Nazaré

Oceanography Meeting

The APOCEAN, Portuguese Association of Scientists that investigate the Ocean, will hold a meeting of Oceanography, which will address various topics in areas such as physical oceanography, ocean circulation and dynamics, coastal and estuarine processes, palaeoceanography, ocean circulation and climate, marine geology/geophysics, marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems, among others. More information here.


  • 21.mar.2014 | 10h00-18h00 | University of Aveiro

Starter conference of the project "ENERGYIN Brussels"

Organized by Competitiveness and Energy Technology Pole (ENERGYIN), this project aims to provide companies and other entities in the National Cluster of Energy greater proximity to Brussels, identifying and disseminating funding opportunities and privileged information, promoting to the agents in Brussels the Portuguese valences for the Energy sector and facilitating meetings with potential European partners for collaborative innovation projects. Program here.


  • 21.mar.2014 | 11:00 | Alfredo Allen Street, No. 455/461, Port

Opening Ceremony of the Central Building UPTEC ADJOURNED

This event will be attended by the Rector of the University of Porto, Pr. Dr. José Marques dos Santos, and the President of UPTEC - Park of Science and Technology, University of Porto, Pr. Dr. José Novais Barbosa, still waiting for the presence of the Portuguese Mr. President, Prof.. Dr. Aníbal Cavaco Silva.


  • 19.mar.2014 | National Archaeological Museum, Lisbon

Exhibition: "Time Rescued Overboard"

This is a retrospective of the last thirty years of nautical and underwater archeology in Portugal, associated with an area of archaeological historical memory of shipwrecks of the Portuguese coast. More information here (a radio report about the exhibition).


  • 18.mar.2014 | 09h30- 16h30 | Auditorium NERPOR, Portalegre

Seminar: Energy Efficiency and good environmental practices in business - opportunities to reduce consumption and costs

The RNAE - Agencies Association of Energy and Environment (National Network) and AREANATejo - Regional Agency for Energy and Environment North Alentejo and Tagus, organize this workshop with the aim of sensitizing the business community to adopt practices of efficiency and energy diversification and environmental sustainability. Participation is free, subject to registration here. (PROGRAM )


  • 17e18.mar.2014 | 09h00- 19h00 | Pestana Casino Park, Funchal

Seminar - Atlantic Action Plan related growth for Outermost Regions of the U.S., and European territorial cooperation opportunities

In this seminar will be spoken about growth of peripheral regions in Europe considering the Plan of Action of the Atlantic, as well as will discuss opportunities for territorial cooperation, addressing several rows of the Sea Economy. Participation is free, subject to registration here. (PROGRAM).


  • 15.mar.2014 | SUBSCRIPTION

5th Meeting on Port MATHEMATICS for INDUSTRY

The Faculty of Science of the University of Porto, the Centre for Mathematics, also from University of Porto and the Office of Statistics, Modelling and Computational Applications are organizing this meeting which will take place on April 10th and 11th. It is intended to present projects of successful partnerships between academic mathematical research community and the business world, promoting new contacts and promote the interest of new students for the activity of applied research to industry. Entries run until the 1st of April, and until March 15 registration for students is free. More information here.


  • 15.mar.2014 | Rua do Arsenal, Lisbon

CULTURAL ITINERARY: Support Units of the Navy

The Portuguese Navy promotes, monthly, a free visit to your premises. This month is the turn of Central Marine Facilities and DSP, ex-Marines Barracks.


  • 13.mar.2014 | 09h30- 17h00 | Hotel Tiara Park Atlantic - Port

EXPANDING HORIZONS Seminar T & N - Sea Transportation

With the organization of this seminar, TRANSPORT & BUSINESS (Media specializes in the areas of transport and logistics ), is proposed to contribute to reflection and debate on ports and maritime transport to serve the economy, investments, rethink models and (re)define strategies. More information here.


  • 12.mar.2014 | APPLICATIONS

MARECON.PT Project - Translating marine science into products and services for the Portuguese economy- program MARVALOR

It's open the application for a research grant in MARECON.PT project. The project work will take place in CIIMAR. They are looking for candidates holding masters in the fields of Marine Sciences, Environmental or Biomedical, Biotechnology, Engineering or similar. More information here.


  • 11a13.mar.2014 | London

OI - Oceanology International

Founded in 1969, the OI is an international event that gets actors with industry knowledge and R&D and government, with the aim of sharing knowledge and making the community development of marine technology. More information here.


  • 10e11.mar.2014 | Athens, Greece

Mission for Growth - Promoting business partnerships in Greece

The Innovation Agency in partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network is to promote the participation of Portuguese companies in the "Mission for Growth". The Conference will focus on the theme of coastal and marine tourism and strategies for growth based on the economics of the Sea (blue growth), aiming to promote commercial and technological partnerships between Greek SMEs and neighbouring markets. More information here.


  • 10.mar.2014 | APPLICATIONS

European Enterprise Awards 2014 Promotion

The European Enterprise Promotion Awards are an initiative of the European Commission, which IAPMEI - Institute for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Investment joined. Aims to enhance the dissemination of activities recognized as good practice in the promotion of entrepreneurship in Europe. March 10th is the specified period of receipt of projects that have had an activity of relief, as relevant multiplier effects to stimulate the economy and/or local employment. See here the information you need to submit you candidature.


  • 8e9.mar.2014 | 10.00 | Civil Building, IST - Alameda Campus

BET Breaking Tech

For 24 hours, non-stop, will be given the tools to launch a technology business idea in one of the following areas of the competition: Big Data, Cloud, IT, Mobile, Internet and Renewable Energy of Things/M2M (including Smart Cities). After this marathon, participants will have have 5 weeks to develop their business idea, and on April 12th must present to a panel of judges at the Catholic - Lisbon SBE, their business ideas. The best idea will receive a prize of € 5,000. More information here.



3rd Meeting about Hydrographic Engineering

The Hydrographic Institute, an agency of the Portuguese Navy and State Laboratory, is organizing this event to occur on its premises on 24th, 25th and 26th June. This initiative is intended to provide an open space for national technical-scientific community of hydrographic engineering, but also in the areas of: oceanography, navigation, geology and marine chemistry and also data management of the marine environment. Those interested in presenting papers should submit the form with the summary of proposed communication until March 7th and thereafter (until May 7th) must submit the extended abstract communication. More information here.


  • 07.mar.2014 | APPLICATIONS

National Defence Course 2014/2015

Organized by the National Institute of Defence, this is a course of advanced study. Aims to promote a deeper knowledge of the problems of security and defence, promote education in a strategic culture, enhance the awareness of civil society and fostering the development of scientific and/or professional skills, promoting the study and scientific research in the fields of security and defence. More information here.


  • 05.mar.2014 | 14.30 | Pavilion of Knowledge (Lisbon)

Launch of PORTUGALclusters

This joint initiative aims to join the Portuguese Poles and Clusters in a cooperation network in order to exploit synergies and projects in common interest areas related to innovation, internationalization and competitiveness of organizations of different value chains. Participation in this event is free but requires pre-registration in register (PROGRAM).


  • 01.mar.2014 | Municipal Markets

DOCAPESCA initiative promotes " Valuing the National Fish "

DOCAPESCA organizes, in many markets, "cooking classes" for presenting new and/or different recipes with different fish products as the national octopus, cuttlefish, mackerel and others. More information about the event here and some recipes here.

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