February 2014
  • 28.feb.2014 | APPLICATIONS

Advanced Program in Marine Studies - 2nd Edition

It is open until the end of the month the application period for advanced training in Marine Studies, held at the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) at Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon. The Curriculum Plan encompasses three modules and several thematic conferences. The training will take place on Fridays and Saturdays between March 21st and May 16th and in the end will give 6 ECTS. More information on the EPO website.


  • 26 and 27.feb.2014

Reception of a Chilean delegation

Oceano XXI will receive a delegation from Los Lagos, a Region of Chile. This delegation will visit Europe looking for contacts and partnerships in different areas, related to the Sea they are interested in aquaculture. In this way, Oceano XXI is preparing several contacts with companies, associations, institutions, R&D and universities with activities related to the sector


  • 21.feb.2014 | 17.00 | Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon

Meeting – Law and the Sea. The Underwater Archaeology

Organized by the Navy School and the Law Faculty from the University of Lisbon, held in the courtroom of the Faculty, will occur a presentation of legal regulations on the topic of underwater archaeology. (see flyer here) .


  • 18.feb.2014 | 18h30- 20h00 | Institute for Policy Studies, Univ. Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon

TERTÚLIA LIAM: Continental Shelf Genetic Portugal - Marine Resources. Potential and Challenges.

Within the Research Line on Maritime Affairs (LIAM) – MARIA SCIENTIA, Ana Maria Martins, specialist in International Law and International Relations and Legal Advisor of EMEPC (Portuguese Task Group for the Extension of the Continental Shelf), will be present at this get-together to broach the subject. Registrations are free but mandatory through: investigacao.mar@iep.lisboa.ucp.pt. See the program here.


  • 16.feb.2014 | 14.30 | Natural History Museum of Funchal, Madeira

Temporary Exhibition: "The Multiple Faces of the Sea"

Is already underway in Funchal (Madeira Island), until the 16th of February, an exhibition about the Sea, with photos by João Gouveia Tito. Timing of visits: 3rd to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00; holidays from 10:00 to 18:00 (it is closed on Mondays).


  • 15.feb.2014 | 15:00 | Auditorium Culture House Jaime Wolf and Silva, Ericeira

Conference: Savage Islands, the light of international law. The pretensions of Spain.

By Adriano Moreira and Pedro Quartin Grace.


  • 14.feb.2014 | 16.00 | REGISTRATION

2nd call for nominations BANDIERA - COFUND RITMARE

It is open until the specified date and time, the application period to nine scholarships for researchers in the areas of the Sea. BANDIERA Best – Action for National Development of International Expert Researchers Activities, is a project co-funded by the FP7 Marie Curie Actions. The projects must be conducted in Italian research institutions. More information here.


  • 14.feb.2014 | REGISTRATION

FIA – International Fair of Algiers, in the 2014.May.28 till 2014.June.02

AICEP Global Portugal, EPE, Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal, is preparing the FIA mission. Registrations are open until February 14th for the participation of Portuguese companies, together with the Agency. To participate with AICEP, you must have a Portuguese company that produce and/or commercialize goods or services, of national origin. More information at www.portugalglobal.pt.


  • 11.feb.2014 | 09h30- 18h00 | Technology and Management Higher School (ESEG), Viana do Castelo

Seminar export, export, export – The Experience of the Major Regional Clusters

Organized by the Intermunicipal Community of Minho – Lima, the Business Confederation of the Alto Minho and by ESTG from the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, this seminar aims to dialogue about key issues relating to exportation, in particular, the tools that support internationalization and experience of Alto Minho key regional clusters. More information here.


  • 07.feb.2014 | 18.30 | Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, Funchal

Conference: Hayes, 50 years Expeditions and Scientific Studies (1693-2013)

By Manuel Cookie, Director of the Department of Science and Conservative Vertebrate Museum of Natural History from Funchal.


  • 06.feb.2014 | 14h30 -18h | Business Association of Portugal , Leca da Palmeira

Seminar: HORIZON 2020 - An opportunity for SMEs

Organized by the Promotion Programme Office, it will happen another meeting, to present the Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme on Research & Innovation, 2014-2020. This meeting is intended to introduce the instruments that Horizon 2020 provides for national support innovation in SMEs. This is a free public presentation, but registration is mandatory at:


  • 04e05.feb.2014 | Galway, Ireland

AtlanticBlueTech Project – Kick- off meeting

The first meeting of the Project will be held on this date. In particular, it will focus on themes: "Capitalisation", "Joint identification", "Imagine 2014-2020" and " Communication ". Oceano XXI will be present at this meeting, represented by Frederico Ferreira and Liliana Gonçalves.



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